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can anyone tell me who they are? :x

can anyone tell me who they are? :x


The people of Mexico were lined up along the streets to see the Pope. This little guy thought otherwise.

This is my story! Tell me what you guys think!! 

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Full cover picture bellow!! (hopefully!!)  vvVVvvVVvvVVvvVVvvVVvvVVvvVVvvVVvvVVvvVVvvVVvvVV

I [L O V E] Chapstick

Seriously, no joke or lie. Chapstick is awesomeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D 

China Bleu


"Who do you think you are?!" He practically growled at me, his eyes steel grey slits. Sighing, I place both of my hands on his chest lightly, wait a few seconds, then use all my strength to push him off of me. Laughing softly as he stumbles back in surprise, I stand tall with my head held high before answering his question.

"My name is China, China Bleu. Who did you think I was?"

And with that, I walked past him with a full blown smirk on my face.

[T E S T] ||Who trusts the government?||


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Why don’t I trust the government?
-Because it is made up of lies, cheaters, back stabbers, stealer’s, and so much more (……will go in detail later on….)  

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[T E S T] Over!!! =] 

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